For Work of Caregiving





Caregiving is a type of job that provide partial/total assistance to a person with physical or mental disability/difficulty to perform a daily life routine; such as transfer, feeding, bathing and others. Furthermore, in order to promote once Quality of Life not only physical assistance is vital but also mental/ emotional support to the people in need plays an important part. In Poplar, the Two Factors they consider in giving quality care services are the Right of the care recipients to CHOOSE AND DECIDE.


About Poplar



Poplar Group of Company was establish in March 2005. In Osaka Prefecture, Poplar have a 34 facilities that offer different care services with 900 employees including foreign employees. Hiring foreign employees started in 2019 and now Filipinos, Vietnamese and Nepalese are making waves in poplar’s caregiving services.

In addition, Poplar are focusing on improving the skills in nursing care technique to acquire National Qualifications of the staff regardless of whether they are Japanese or foreigners in order to give a quality services.



Benefits of Foreign Staff


・Housing such as dormitory

・Training in Japanese language and Caregiving techniques

・Specialized Consultant staff for foreigners who can speak English



Career Path of Foreign staff (an example)

【EPA course】

1st – 3rd year Care staff (yearly visa renewal)

4th year Licensed Care staff (5 years Visa validity renewable ※Possible application for Family Visa)

6th year Care staff Unit leader (promotion)

10th year Manager or Training in Charge


※This is only an example, work promotions will always depend on personal ability and capability.

【Foreign Student course】

1st year Enrolled in Japanese Language School

2nd ~ 4th year Enrolled in Caregiving School

5th year Regular Care staff in Poplar

8th year Licensed Care staff



Foreign staff Testimony



Hi! I’m Marichelle from Philippines. I started to work in Poplar as candidate care staff in 2009 through EPA program. After 2 years of work in Poplar, I chance upon to take the Japan’s Care Worker National Licensure Examination. Through hard work and support it’s been 8years now working as Licensed Care staff. From regular employee I promoted as Unit leader to Floor leader then now as foreign staff training in charge leader. Poplar Company makes it sure that everyone can have a career growth opportunity regardless of whether you’re a Japanese or foreigner. Our Human Resources International Division and I will support you to start your Japan Life and career growth. Be one of our elite care workers and you will have the same opportunity as mine or more.



About Osaka



Osaka Prefecture is one of two urban prefecture in Japan. The capital is the city of Osaka which is the second largest city with International Airport that offers domestic and international flights in Japan. Osaka is known for its Osaka Castle, Universal Studio Japan, Umeda Sky Building to name a few. In addition, in old times Osaka is called “The Kitchen of Japan” because of its overflowing goods from across the nations and its mouthwatering and delicious street food shop. Poplar is located in Ikeda City the North part of Osaka prefecture. From the city center of Osaka, Ikeda city can be reach by train in 30 minutes. In spite of its convenient location, it’s a city rich in natural beauty and known for gardening/bonsai industries as well as Instant Noodle Museum. It is truly a convenient place of pleasure and rich in nature.